Vote on the Problem of the Week

Here is the new Problem of the Week. The solution will be posted on June 25th.

The solution to last week’s Problem is below the current Problem.  Congratulations to those who chose Double/Take.


Match to 7

Black 4, Red 5 -Red on Roll-Cube Action?

Match to 11

Black 7, Red 9 – Black on Roll-Cube Action?



















6 thoughts on “Vote on the Problem of the Week

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  2. Some of the rollout results of these poll questions are quite surprising to me, and I guess that just goes to show that I have a lot to learn!

    Even though it is only a 3-prime, I like the idea of keeping the 5-6-bar point intact, and I also don’t like pinning 4 guys away basically “out of commission” for the rest of the game?


  3. I won’t argue with the rollout of course, but I’m surprised by this one, and am curious to learn from it. I would think it would be important to fight for your opponent’s 5 point here given the 5-pt prime you’re up against, and playing 11-5 with the 6 gives 1 more checker bearing on the home board to potentially make a 5-pt prime of your own. But I suppose the right answer lies in getting a guy past your opponent’s prime every chance you get? Would be curious to hear an explanation from someone smarter than me.


  4. hmm it is hopeless to make your own ace point when you are behind a 5 prime. Seem any play is better. Of course my play is not one of the choices. hehe go figure. I make the four pt then not sure but think i will play the other two 6 – 2 leaving an ace shot.


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